What Will Göbeklitepe 101 Documentary Explore?

A most stunning archaeological discovery of the 20th century, Göbeklitepe is one of the world’s greatest modern mysteries and has totally changed our understanding of early human civilization.

On the 100th anniversary of Turkish Republic, Altınbaş University is producing a mini documentary consisting of five episodes to raise public awareness of this magnificent historical site. Each 100 second-episode of the documentary will be filmed in Şanlıurfa Archaeological Museum, Göbeklitepe and Karahantepe, be dubbed and subbed in English, Spanish, Arabic, Russian and Chinese. The aim is to promote the archaeological wonder of Göbeklitepe to our international students and tourists visiting our country.

What Will Göbeklitepe 101 Documentary Explore?

Episode 1

Where is Göbeklitepe? How and Why to Visit it?

Episode 2

Göbeklitepe Rewrites Our Understanding of Human History

Episode 3

Social Order and Law in Göbeklitepe

Episode 4

Art and Architecture in Göbeklitepe

Episode 5

Göbeklitepe and Beyond: Karahantepe